Thursday 7 July 2016

Celebrate #Raya2016 with #Smashwords' #SummerWinterSale2016

So as you guys know (well, I think you do?) I publish on Smashwords because it's one of the online ebook retailers/distributors that sell to Malaysia! (I tried, but can't, sign up for Google Play publishing at this point, boo.)

Anyway, Smashwords is running a month-long SALE!!!

I like that word: SALE!

Coexist is on it - so you can pick up your copy at 25% off all this month. All you have to do is use the code SSW25 at checkout. They'll tell you on the page itself, but I'm telling you here now too, in case you need extra reminders.

Anna's A to Z of worship leading is - and it's at FREE! You should use the code SFREE at checkout.

When Winds Blow Cold isn't - because you can still get that free on noisetrade or by signing up for my mailing list

To check out all my books on Smashwords, my author profile is HERE. You can also go laugh at my newly filled up author interview (and maybe tweet me some questions).

To find new reads from indie authors, you can also browse all the books on sale.

Hokay. I'm done here.

Selamat Hari Raya!
And Happy World Heritage Day, George Town!

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  1. I've got my copy. Just waiting to corner you for an!