Wednesday 24 January 2024

#bookreview: Renegade Skyfarer | RJ Metcalf - and a #writing update

Renegade Skyfarer (The Stones of Terrene Chronicles Book 1)Renegade Skyfarer by R.J. Metcalf
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I... kind of regret putting this off for so long, because I really, really, really enjoyed this book! But the plus side of putting it off so long is... I supposed I can now just get all the other 3 (4?) books in this series and binge them at a go.

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I've apparently read 3 books already this year, but written 0 reviews (well, now a very short 1), mostly because I have been busy trying to write. "Trying" being the operative word here, because I'm not being as prolific as I would like. 

I'm trying to finish off edits on the Tea Novel so I can get that sent out.

But I'm also working on another novel that I want to finish drafting before CNY so... 


Probably need to be a leeeeetle bit more consistent in sitting down and working on it!

Tea update: currently still obsessed with Empress Grey, alternating with ChaTraMue Red label.