the weightage system (book review policies)

I've been reviewing books on Goodreads, and cross-posting them here and I know that each reviewer has a slightly different view of how the 5-star rating system works (F: fiction; NF: nonfiction) so here's what the stars mean to me:

Generally (based on Goodreads rating scale):
5 stars:
F: I really loved this book and didn't want it to end. I will probably re-read this book a gazillion times, or as often as time allows and the mood takes me.

4 stars:
F: This was a very good read. It was tantalising until the end, and I might possibly pick it up again.
NF: Lots of super useful things in here!

3 stars:
F: I liked it, but it didn't really capture me. -OR- I'm conflicted. I liked most of it but it also annoyed me.
NF: Good stuff, but nothing new.

2 stars:
F: It was okay. I thought once or twice about not finishing it.
NF: Uh, why is this a book.

1 star:
F: I could barely finish it. I only finished the book because I wanted to know how it ended.
NF: Just don't. This is rubbish.

There may be a slight variance between my Goodreads ratings vs Amazon ratings due to the scale/description differences. What I'd deem as OK (two stars on Goodreads) could be pushed up to 3 stars on Amazon based on whether I liked it enough (though that would be a very rare case).

Update (07/03/2020):
I've been thinking about this a lot, and I've come to the decision that moving forward, unless I can give a 5-star rating to a debut/indie author, I won't give a star rating at all. This doesn't affect what I will write in the review, in any case. Star ratings are inherently biased and I'd like to believe that what I write in the review would give a better overall view of the book than the stars would.
This obviously doesn't apply to trad pub authors with lots of ratings/reviews.

*Note to Indie Authors*
I love reading books from new authors, especially those I've met online (twitter, facebook, blog tours, etc) and I would really love to support your book by reviewing it. I read most genres, with fantasy (more towards epic than paranormal), science fiction (more towards space opera than hard scifi) and crime/mystery topping the list.
What I *don't* read is erotica, and if your novel has excessive sex scenes (even if it's slated in other genres) and/or foul language/swearing, it's probably not going to excite me very much. Sorry. (I would really love to read a book that I can recommend to the kid next door, figuratively speaking, or the next person in church, literally). Vampires and zombies are okay, but I'm not a rabid fan.
To have a feel of what kind of books I review (and maybe an approximate scale of where your book may end up), check out my book review tag.

Where I review:
  • here ( 
  • Goodreads 
  • Amazon ** 2022 update: As of 2022 I apparently haven't bought enough from Amazon to qualify to review. =( 
  • Smashwords (note: Smashwords requires you to have purchased the book from them before they allow a review) 
  • Barnes and Noble (upon request, please provide a link)
  • Google Books (upon request, please provide a link) 
Kindle (.mobi) preferred; epub and PDF formats acceptable.

I have a super long review list because I have no self-control, so I'll normally give you an expected date based on my current to-read list. Expected dates may possibly vary by 1 - 2 weeks.

I'm also open to guest posts or to host your book tour, as long as I'm not already booked up with another ongoing blog tour/fest. Book reviews will only be posted on Wednesdays, unless you have a very, very special reason for me to change my schedule. 

E-mail me at anna [at] annatsp [dot] com if you're interested.

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