the weightage system (book review policies)

I've been reviewing books on Goodreads, and cross-posting them here and I know that each reviewer has a slightly different view of how the 5-star rating system works so here's what the stars mean to me:

Generally (based on Goodreads rating scale):
5 stars:
I really loved this book and didn't want it to end. I will probably re-read this book a gazillion times, or as often as time allows and the mood takes me.

4 stars:
This was a very good read. It was tantalising until the end, and I might possibly pick it up again.

3 stars:
I liked it, but it didn't really capture me.

2 stars:
It was okay. I thought once or twice about not finishing it.

1 star:
I could barely finish it. I only finished the book because I wanted to know how it ended.

There may be a slight variance between my Goodreads ratings vs Amazon ratings due to the scale/description differences. What I'd deem as OK (two stars on Goodreads) could be pushed up to 3 stars on Amazon based on whether I liked it enough (though that would be a very rare case).

*Note to Indie Authors*
I love reading books from new authors, especially those I've met online (twitter, facebook, blog tours, etc) and I would really love to support your book by reviewing it. I read most genres, with fantasy (more towards epic than paranormal), science fiction (more towards space opera than hard scifi) and crime/mystery topping the list. What I *don't* read is erotica, and if your novel has excessive sex scenes (even if it's slated in other genres) and/or foul language/swearing, it's probably not going to excite me very much. Sorry. (I would really love to read a book that I can recommend to the kid next door, figuratively speaking, or the next person in church, literally). Vampires and zombies are okay, but I'm not a rabid fan.
To have a feel of what kind of books I review (and maybe an approximate scale of where your book may end up), check out my book review tag.

Where I review:
  • here ( 
  • Goodreads 
  • Amazon 
  • Smashwords (note: Smashwords requires you to have purchased the book from them before they allow a review) 
  • Barnes and Noble (upon request, please provide a link)
  • Google Books (upon request, please you provide a link) 
Kindle (.mobi) preferred; epub and PDF formats acceptable.

Turnaround would normally be about a month unless I'm exceptionally free, but I'll normally let you know when I've posted the review. I'm also open to guest posts or to host your book tour, as long as I'm not already booked up with another ongoing blog tour/fest. Book reviews will only be posted on Wednesdays, unless you have a very, very special reason for me to change my schedule. 

Note: As of Oct 2016 I am scheduled until MARCH 2017 because I have no self-control. I will NOT be entertaining any new review requests until NEXT YEAR [2017] for sanity's sake, but I also have no self-control. Check this space for updates!

E-mail me at posts [at] annatsp [dot] com if you're interested.