Tuesday 14 July 2015

We have two winners!

I apologise. I was supposed to do this when the rafflecopter closed... but I was in the midst of a little um... storm. Which ended up in me finishing the Mallorean in 2 days. But that's another story.

SO ANYWAY, the two winners of the Cyberpunk: Malaysia giveaway are:

Anis Suhaila (Malaysia)


Vijaya Sankar (UK)

(This is also where I admit that I made a weeeeeeee mistake and forgot to put in an entry for you to tell me where you're from, but fortunately, rafflecopter, besides being awesome with generating random winners, also has an option which tells me where you are via your IP address. I am assuming this is accurate. Oh well, live and learn.)

I've sent the winners an email, so check your inboxes and give me your addresses! :D

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