Saturday 18 February 2017

Looking for reviewers! #bookreview #fantasy #shortstory #ebook

Hey guys! I'm getting ready to launch a new short story, The Flame of the North, which is a sequel to When Winds Blow Cold. Both of these are short stories of about 5,000 words.

If you're interested in getting an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy / Review Copy) for review, let me know!

How do I write a review?

A review doesn't need to be long or complex. It can just be one sentence, if that's all you want to write. Here are a few pointers that you can use to help you write a review:

  1. Pick a star rating. (1 = I didn't like it; 5 = I loved it)
  2. Did you like the story? Tell us why or why not.
  3. Was there anything outstanding that you'd like to point out? (Try not to give away spoilers!)
  4. Who else do you think would like to read it?
  5. If you got this book for review, you should let others know. Something simple like "I got a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review" works fine and meets the legal disclosure requirements.

Where should I post the review?

You can post it on any online retailer (I should be on all, or almost all of them), but I'd really like reviews on Amazon or Goodreads. Quite a lot of people check out reviews on either of these sites before deciding to make a purchase, so your opinion (whether good or bad) will actually make a difference.

When should I post the review?

On or around the launch date of 28 February 2017! Right now, the only place you can post reviews is on Goodreads. Once the book goes on sale on 28 Feb, you'll be able to add your review to any of the retail sites. (And yes, you can post the SAME review on ALL the sites!)

Ok! Sign me up!

Fill up this form and I'll send you the ebook! If you need more info, head over HERE to find out more about The North Series.

Thanks so much!

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