Wednesday 17 January 2007


What happens to passion forgotten? Does it lie hidden under the trappings of life to emerge one fine day, pressing enough to move you?

What happens to passion ignored? Does it bury itself deeper and deeper into your psych until you throw up your hands and say 'I'll do it or I'll go crazy trying'?

What happens to passion cradled? Does it pull you apart as you try to balance life, and love, and work?

What happens to passion replaced? Does it make you wake up one day, regretting the time wasted on everything else?

What happens to passion? If it is not nurtured and worked on, encouraged to grow, you will forget, and you will replace, and you will wake up regretting.

I stand on the cusp of moving or breaking. I don't know how to press forward. But I can't go back. I can only go. Or fall. And I don't know how.

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