Sunday 24 June 2007


The theme that has been playing in my head has been this:
to do only that which is necessary
What does this mean?
It means that I have to start stream-lining my activities, and cutting down on idle time. It means that I must start to refocus my energies, my thoughts, my activities and all that defines me at this point of time, to that which is necessary - to that which is needful and useful for the Kingdom.

Amazingly, just thinking about this has started to bear fruit. I have cut down on some internet time, cut down on day-dreaming... neglected my poor script frenzy play...
and we are going to start promoting CAM in the church. We are going to start with YA. We are starting to move.

To do only that which is necessary. I need to stop wasting time.
Time is precious.
Time is life.
Life is precious.

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