Sunday 17 February 2008


I was seriously considering going to Australia. Fly away, and join my siblings in Adelaide. I was serious about it. Life is good there. You work three clients a year (compared to my five in about two months), and don't have to work over time. You get a nice office space. You get people speaking to you in English, and not in some ching-chong-chiang. You get people dedicated to what they're doing, and in doing it right. So they say.

But somehow, it feels wrong.
It feels like I'm running away again.
Running from work that can never be finished. Running from my ministry, or from my failure thereof. Running from the boy I thought I could love, but who couldn't love me the way I needed. Running from the character that God's trying to build in me.
But that's all I'm good at - running away. Escapism in its finest form.

So it doesn't feel right to go.
Not now.

I hope I'm not wrong about this.


  1. Can I just say I'm glad you didn't "run away"? ^^ (Admittedly I'm glad for more selfish reasons. heh.)

    And I wish we had more time to talk nowadays :(

  2. I feel i want to run away too. Ppl speak to me in english and i still have this gap where i feel that nobody understands what i say and i cant understand what they say either...haha sigh