Sunday 14 September 2008


Muted. Flashily performance. Upscale elite. Not-for-the-masses. Too much background noise. Concert. What on earth happened to spell-check? Distracted. No raw passion. Bad mixing. Flat.

Maybe I have not disengaged enough to go back with a clear mind.

Thought for the day: are you taking offense at the church or on behalf of? And why?

Interestingly, Ps Charles Curtis made this comment on joining and fitting into the church: is God joining you to the church?
And it brings back that point that yes, try as you wish to fit in, if God is joining you in, you will belong and if He is not, you won't. So the question that comes again is this: where do I belong?

Quiet entry, quiet exit.
If only I was not intent on avoidance.

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