Sunday 17 November 2013

#nanowrimo update number 2

This is more or less today's starting point. It's still looking dismal, and looking at my schedule I don't feel I have enough time to catch up.

But... I will push on and try.

Also, because I'm weird, my story is now being updated on Wattpad at a pace of maybe 1 or 2 chapters behind where I'm writing. This delay is just in case I feel like changing some stuff here and there (which would normally be in the later chapters rather than the earlier).

There's also a Wattpad reader installed on my webpage here for your convenience. Wattpad also lets you read on your mobile device, with the code 29758100.

So to end today's update, here's another excerpt. (from a chapter not yet on Wattpad... lol!)
Song cleared his throat and looked at King Music. The royal couple broke their gaze, Music with a quizzical look on his face, Soprano with a slight blush. He nodded at Song, who nodded, and closed his eyes.
Fear gripped Song’s heart as he tried to listen for the Song. He cleared his throat again, licking his lips. The sound of the drumming fingers annoyed him, and he wanted to chew out the princess for being so annoying. A while passed before his lips parted again, and he started to sing. 
It started as a low rumble, like a grumble of pain, erupting into a blast of hurt. Struggling to control it, Song grasped at the stream, trying to direct where the song was going, but it was like fighting with a typhoon. A shrill whine soon appeared above the maelstrom - Soprano, fascinated by the rush of thunder was riding the wave. Eyes half-closed, Alto’s lower pitch soon joined in, adding minors and sevens into the mix. Tenor hesitated - this wasn’t the kind of song he had been expecting - but as King Music nodded at him, he also belted in his frustration and bitterness. In less than two minutes, it was over. As a Song, it was the most discordant and short piece to ever have debuted from the heir to the throne. But in a time where the talent seemed to be dying out, it was a welcome sigh of relief. 
“Thank you, son,” King Music said, tears streaming down his face. “After so many years, I finally have a successor.”
“A kind of strange song to sing for your debut,” Princess Alto sniffed, seemingly inspecting her fingernails. 
“I did what I could,” Song said tightly.
“We all do what we can,” Tenor interjected, trying to head off the argument. He scowled at Alto. She scowled back. 
“Well, now that’s settled - we can make the official announcement,” the King said, regaining his composure. He rose from his chair and walked forward to embrace Song. “Let’s go to the music room and work out a nice royal announcement song. Then we can get the arrangers to make it pretty for your Acceptance Ceremony.”
The two of them left the room. The Queen sat fidgeting in her chair for a while, but with a nod to Alto and Tenor, she left as well. 
“So - you think he’s the real thing?” Alto asked as soon as they were alone in the room. 
Tenor shrugged. “Maybe. That was a real Song. No faking it. Couldn’t you feel the resonance?”
A look of uncertainty crossed Alto’s face. She seemed determined to hate Prince Song. “Well -”
“It was curious, though, that he never once asked about Prince Bass,” Tenor continued. “Don’t you find that strange?”
“Well, not all the council is here. Maybe he assumed that Bass was not around.”
“When Bass was one of his closest teachers?”
It was Alto’s turn to shrug. 

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