Friday 28 October 2016

#fridayflash: Social

It's a partnership, after all. No dance is the same because the partners change, the beat changes and the music -

Her gaze followed the twist of the wrist, the dip of the arm, all the way up to the open smile on his face and the crinkling around his eyes.
"May I?"
She didn't see why not. After all, no one else had asked.

- the music stills at inopportune moments, leaving them wide-eyed, wondering what to do with awkward limbs and uncaught breaths. 

She found herself at the edge of the dance floor again, perching on the edge of her chair, watching him wistfully. He wasn't exclusive, of course. He danced with everyone as long as they agreed, while being just so darned polite about it. He tipped his hat towards her as he passed by, acknowledging her existence.

Some songs go on forever at the whim of the musicians, leaving dancers exhausted or exhilarated, each one coming to love or hate their partners, as they created -

And then it seemed that he had done his rounds and he was back by her side, a rakish grin on his face, his hat askew, his once-crisp shirt soft with seeping sweat. And his hand held out in invitation to -



If you noticed (or not), I've created a new page called STORE. This is basically an Amazon affiliate store front where I'm linking books I've reviewed with 4 & 5 stars. So, you know, you can go browse books that I like! Haha.
I've already added all the books I've reviewed from up to the beginning of this year (I think). I'll get round to adding books pre-2016 the next time I'm free :D

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  1. This read as a prose poem, I liked how it worked on two levels. ☺