Sunday 7 October 2007


Why all the knee-jerk reaction and back lash? What are you still trying to deny or avoid?
Where once there was surety and certainty, you have let your doubts and anxieties seep through to colour your lenses. Think again: is it God, or is it you?
Are you trying to run again, where you've always scattered and fallen?
Or will you pick yourself up, steel your nerves and carry on?
Like the bulldozer you are. And your father before you.
To push through.
To break through.


  1. hey anna.. add me on for msn..i need to consult you about some things la..

  2. added you.
    i haven't been online tho... haven't been home long enough!! lols.

  3. lol no worries..will catch you when you are online i still have another semester to settle everything.