Wednesday 20 June 2012

The Doll by JC Martin

I found this gem when I was scrolling through the books in my iBooks the other day. I had totally forgotten about it as I hadn’t had the time to read it when I first got a copy from JC Martin.

On The Island of the Dolls, hundreds of dolls have been strung up all around the island to appease the spirit of Salvadora, a young girl who had drowned in the canal many years ago. Now a tourist attraction, Joyce Parker can’t help but feel uneasy as she sets foot on the tiny islet. Trying to push aside silly superstition when one of their tour group drowns in his own swimming pool, Joyce’s worries are compounded when her own daughter Taylor, who was on the tour with her, starts developing strange mannerisms and talking to imaginary friends.

The Doll is a very frightening story, mainly because everything seems so ordinary. There are hints of dark spirits right from the beginning, but not anything that can’t be explained away - until you reach the ending. JC is a brilliant story-teller, weaving fact and fiction together seamlessly in this short story.

I can’t wait for Oracle to be out (really really soon!)

p/s The Doll is available free on Amazon (click the widgety thing below), or Smashwords.


  1. see dolls are scary!! i gotta read this one--thanks!

  2. Not sure if I downloaded it, but I'm not too much into horror. :(