Wednesday 13 June 2012

Zombie Candy - the craziest revenge ever #bookreview

Any one fancy some zombie candy?

With a title like Zombie Candy (Annie Ogden Mystery 2) , what can you expect?

I picked up Zombie Candy mainly because Frederick Lee Brooke is a twitter and triberr friend. I’ve read some of his shorts/flash fiction on his blog before and thought they were brilliant. So whilst Zombie Candy, with its heavy references to the zombie craze, wasn’t exactly my standard reading fare, I figured why not give it a go?

This totally zany story starts with Candace Roach, Annie Ogden’s best friend, finding an unknown woman’s bra in her husband’s luggage. Candace hires Annie, freshly armed with a Private Investigator’s licence, to find out exactly what her husband is up to. But the truth is hard to swallow, and when Candace finally realises the true extent of Larry Roach’s infidelity, she devices a way to send him a message in the only way he can understand - through his obsession with zombies.

Zombie Candy is funny and light reading. I could have possibly missed out on some of its nuances, since I didn’t get some of the zombie movie references, but it wasn’t a big deal. I may even have to watch some of these movies myself, since he made it sound so interesting. Unless I discover I’m like Candace (who hates zombies with a vengeance). 

Now maybe I should pick up Doing Max Vinyl (Annie Ogden Mystery) too…

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About the book: Weaving elements of mystery, horror and romance in a hilarious romp that starts in Chicago and ends in a quaint medieval town in sun-drenched Tuscany, Zombie Candy is a genre-hopping knee-slapper of a novel. Get it on Amazon. About the author: Frederick Lee Brooke has worked as an English teacher, language school manager and small business owner and has travelled extensively in Tuscany, the setting of part of Zombie Candy. Visit Fred on his website, Twitter, Facebook, or GoodReads.


  1. Anna, thanks so much for taking the dare and reading Zombie Candy! When I started writing it zombies weren't my thing, either, so I can totally relate. It's just that Larry, in the book, is a zombie fanatic. That's his thing, so I had to follow him. I'm glad you had fun with it, and thanks so much for your nice comments!

    1. Hey Frederick!

      Don't you just hate it when your characters do that to you? =)

  2. Ahhh, that zombie candy (non-capped) looks so tasty! Nom, nom, nom. Did this book also make you want to watch some Russell Crow movies? :-P Thanks for the review, Natz. If you have a moment to cross-post to Amazon and GooReads, that would be awesome!

    1. Nom, nom! I couldn't resist the candy :P

      It's up on GoodReads. :)