Thursday 23 August 2012

#bookreview: New Yesterdays by Jim Wright

My twitter friend Jim (@olbigjim) sent me his book way back in May for review purposes and... I was so caught up in a gazillion and one things (work, musical, WORK!, musical, Broadway!) that I delayed and delayed and delayed until... now.
I was trying to get this up yesterday for my Wednesday book review post (like, do I actually ever follow my intended schedule?) but found myself still working at it past midnight. It didn't feel nice to let him wait another week, so here it is... on a Thursday...
Sorry, Jim, for being such a bad friend :(

New YesterdaysNew Yesterdays by Jim L Wright
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

While exploring the old haunted house near his home, Jim stumbles upon a portal to the past. Stuck in the year 1828 for six months until the portal home reopens, Jim builds strong bonds of friendship with his new Cherokee friends. Realising that all he learnt in school about the history of the Cherokees in America, including the Great Removal and the Trail of Tears, would impact the lives of his friends, Jim is faced with the choice - to tell his new friends about their future and likely change the course of history, or to keep silent and let them face their fate?

When I first started reading New Yesterdays (as usual, without bothering to read the blurb) I thought it might turn out to be a horror story, seeing the amount of references to haunted houses and scary movies & stories. I was pleasantly surprised that it turned out to be a classic what-if book based on historical facts. Story-wise, it was a pleasant read, though at times the language shifted from an informal story-telling tone (when relating Jim’s story) to a more formal style (when dealing with the Cherokee war and councils).

A minor detractor to this book (I was reading the epub version - this probably won’t affect print/other versions) was that page numbering appeared haphazardly in between paragraphs. The title also appeared as “Ebook title” rather than the actual book title. More effort put into the formatting of the e-book version would probably have earned it at least another 1/2 a star!

*I received this copy for review purposes from Jim Wright.

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