Tuesday 28 August 2012

Where I spill my guts trying to update you with stuff...

I realize I've been posting a lot of promotional stuff lately - book launches, book reviews and the like - but not much else. Well, here's a bit of an update as to what i've been up to both on a personal front as well as um well, the more writerly stuff. 

  • I've got a new website! If you've been around for a bit, you might have noticed that I've changed things around this blog recently. This was done mainly so that it isn't such a far cry from what my new website looks like. Pop on by to www.annatsp.com for a look-see! You might have also noticed, but I'll point it out again anyway - the old natzthinks address now redirects you to blog.annatsp.com. The website and this blog is still a bit of a work in progress so I hope you'll bear with me!
  • On that same front, I'm trying out what Facebook pages looks like (and being a little unsure what to do with it) but if you like, you can like me at www.facebook.com/annatansp where I'll try to give you more writerly type updates than I do on this blog! (The key word at this moment being "try".)
  • On the writing front, I've compiled a book of my flash fiction surrounding my recent musical drama script, A Place to call Home. Most of these are pieces I've put up here for #fridayflash but there are some all new pieces as well. I'm currently waiting for the cover before I start the arduous (so I heard) process of the Smashwords meat grinder so expect news on that really soon!
  • Which leads me to the fact that I'm also currently editing 2011's A to Z challenge and that should be up in ebook format hopefully soon too! It's just a matter of whether I get too distracted with:
  • iBridge camp! This time it's a four hour drive down to Kuala Lumpur on Thursday(30/8) for four days full of fun! Will be coming back on Sunday (2/9). 
  • My long-awaited Bali trip will be at the end of Sept and we literally haven't planned anything at all! (Or at least, I haven't) I need to start looking up stuff, making bookings maybe? Doing some kind of itinerary. Oh and confirming my KL dates. I need to change my flight. Sigh.
  • Another acting workshop on the horizon, this time on the 6 & 7 of Oct in KL with Michael Parks Masterson. 

That's most of it at the moment, well that I can think of anyway. 

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