Friday 7 September 2012

This addiction may very well beggar me

So, the thing about being a reader, is really not having enough time to read, and yet having countless books to delve into.
See, there was this sale. Or actually, not really a sale, but a cheap book fair/event/thing. And I got all these lovely books in front. I've probably already read Eddings' Malloreon trilogy, or at least I think I have, but it was a steal, getting all 5 books in 2 volumes at only RM17.90 per volume (as compared to the normal price of approximately RM30/book). Besides, I like re-reading Eddings. If you look to the left, there's one shelf of unread books. If you look to the right, there's another shelf of unread books. The one slightly above has been read. Multiple times. So no stress there.
The other thing about being a reader, is really since there are so many things to read, I have less and less time to write. I think something needs to be done about that.

p/s there's another book sale until this Sunday. God, please protect my wallet.


  1. Why no tell earlier.....T_T

  2. I feel your pain! LOL ;)

  3. Oh, how you whisper in the ear of one who understands more than you could ever realise!