Tuesday 28 May 2013

Maybe there is no plan B

So I've ridden the wave of euphoria amidst the depths of depression (bipolar, anyone?) and now the question remains: yes or no?
The stressed side of me says yes. The faster, the better. (Ini kalilah?)
The other side of me says don't give up plan A.
Because there is a Plan A and somehow I have this funny feeling that this isn't even Plan B; it was merely a sidetrack. 
The results will tell. 

Lord, make it so clear that even li'l blind me can tell the difference. 


  1. What is Plan A? And what is plan B (kalau ada lah)?

  2. Random verse: "I run in the path of your commands, for you have set my heart free." Psalm 119: 32. Jia you, Anna! :)