Sunday 11 August 2013

You are not your father's son - you were never meant to be.

You are not your father's son.
You are not your mother's daughter.
You are more than that.

You do not merely stand in their shadow, to be consumed by it, to become only what they dreamt for you.
It is their right to dream.
But it is not your duty to fulfil.

You are who you are in your own right, born with your own dreams, visions birthed by God. And there comes a time when you need to grow up and throw off the yoke of who your parents are; not to defy them or to deny them, but to stand on their shoulders as your own person and say, "you have brought me this far, but I have much farther to go for God."

It is not wrong.
It is not their fault, and neither is it yours.
It is the way things were meant to be, as your parents have notched the arrow, and launch you - straight, unfaltering - into the path God meant for you.

And sometimes it is not a path they had thought you would take, but that's okay.
It is not your fault, nor theirs, and it is not a wrong path.
It is merely different.

You are not only your father's daughter.
You are not only your mother's son.
You were never meant to be merely that.
You were specially created by God for a purpose.

And you cannot fulfil that by hanging on to their coattails.