Thursday 20 March 2014

Print version of Imaginary Friends launches this Saturday!


Because I'm just SO bad at keeping up with everybody and everyone, I just realised that my friend Melanie Lee is launching the print version of her book Imaginary Friends: 26 Fables for the kid in us this Saturday, 2pm at the Putrajaya International Book Festival.

And I can't go because I've been making lunch plans AND tea plans like crazy.

So if you're somewhere in the Klang Valley, and are planning to go for the book fair, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go and support her! (I wants an autograph *throws fit*)

The illustrations have been awesomely reworked (from what I can tell from the updates in her facebook page) giving it a more edgy, contemporary style than before.

I've previously reviewed the original e-book here in all its old-style, cutesy glory! (Fun youtube song included!) Go get it, 'kay?


P/S - Check back here tomorrow for the A to Z theme reveal. And if you haven't signed up for A to Z yet, DO SO NOW.

PP/S - Imaginary Friends was born out of A to Z. REALLY WAN. Well, I think so anyway.

PPP/S - The Love in Penang giveaway starts tomorrow as well.

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