Sunday 15 June 2014

Because I love

God demonstrates His love
That while we were separated, Christ died for us
God demonstrates His love
Through one man's obedience we're bought back in blood

The thought that accompanied my morning walk today (WOAH ANNA WALKS!) was really that in the light of God's sacrifice, all the things we give up or complain about giving up are small sacrifices in comparison.

And so really, all that we do (or are not supposed to do) aren't really a big deal, in the grand scheme of things.
Because He didn't have to.
But he did anyway.
Because, love.

Yet it's not a selfish kind of love which expects a commensurate return, which puts down your love and sacrifice because they are too small, or not worthy enough, or not sacrificial enough.
It's a love that says it's okay if you can only love me that much because your heart is too small. I still love you and I will love you until your heart starts to grow again.
Because, love.

And so he writes his story over and over again in your heart until one day you realise that your narrative has changed. It's no longer I love because, but because I love.

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