Monday 11 May 2015

#bookreview: An Infinite Loop by Dan Rix

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I don't usually post book reviews on Mondays, but here's one from Dan Rix.

An Infinite Loop, book 3 of Dan Rix's Timeloopers series, was launched last week. He's an awesome writer who gives me free books to review, and since I love most of his stuff, that works out well for both of us. =)

Anyway, the Timeloopers series starts with A Strange Machine, followed by The Ghost At Retreat Lake, and now An Infinite Loop. Now I just gotta wait for book 4: The Man with Two Pasts.

An Infinite Loop (Timeloopers, #3)An Infinite Loop by Dan Rix
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh gosh. This book was tantalizing from start to finish. I would like to gush, but I don't gush (right).

Cory, being Cory, lands himself and Iris in big trouble when he accidentally sends her into an infinite timeloop. What that means, really, is that she's stuck in the stupid time machine and can't escape because Cory made an error in the code. Which means... she's dead.

What results is a heartbreaking story of a Cory trying to make amends, and trying to figure out how to save the girl he finally realises that he doesn't actually hate. (Ah, I guess I'm a little more okay with this now than I was when reading The Ghost At Retreat Lake)

Rix is getting better at this alternate timeline stuff too. Where in The Ghost At Retreat Lake it felt like there were dual story lines that didn't jive (whether on purpose or not, it just felt jarring), it just seems to flow one after another in this book. There's still the inevitable repeating timelines, told from past and future Cory/Iris, but it seems to pick up seamlessly from where the other story line let off.

And seriously, I'm glad that Cory isn't as annoying a jerk as he used to be. Though what's with all the annoying girls? I'd like to slap Sam, Anneliese and Pris and tell them to grow up. I'd also sometimes like to slap Iris as well, though I kind of get where she's coming from with Cory being an idiot.

*I received a pre-release copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Though to be honest I just like his stuff. Lol.

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