Saturday 12 September 2015

#fridayflash: Blame

The should-haves lined his wall like a row of first prize trophies.

He should have studied engineering; after years of studying and practicing medicine, he finally realised what a pain people were and how much he didn't want to help heal them. But his parents had encouraged him, saying there was good money in it. Besides, didn't he want to give back to society?

He should have saved more when he was younger, instead of spending it on expensive cars and expensive clothes and expensive food. The way his retirement fund was looking, he'd have to stay on an additional few years and try to make partner so that he and his wife would have enough to live on. But his wife had wanted it, saying that since he was a doctor, he had to live up to his prestige and his name and show the world what he was earning. Besides, it felt good to feel rich, didn't it?

He really shouldn't have married at all. They hadn't divorced - they didn't believe in it personally - though they lived as separately and as amicably as they could. Maybe if they had had children, they would have something to unite them once again, but there had been no babies. He sometimes tried to think back to what had drawn him to her, trying to figure out why he had pursued her, but all he could think of was that she was a decent enough girl and his parents had been urging for him to settle down and have kids.

He looked back at the mess that his life was in, and all he could think of was that it really wasn't his fault.


This is a day late Malaysian time, but hopefully it's still Friday somewhere in the world (not likely).

My only excuse was that I was working on the short story I'm planning on releasing to mailing list subscribers this month. So... subscribe to my mailing list in that little box on the right! =)


Also, this story is based on/inspired by my Music Monday post!

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