Friday 18 September 2015

#fridayflash: Waterfall

It wasn't that she didn't love him any more. It was just that she felt stifled. She'd been looking for stability and she'd found it, but at the same time she hadn't thought that stability meant boring.

"What's happened to us?" she asked him once.
"What? What's wrong?" he replied, barely looking up from his newspaper.
"Let's go do something fun."
"Like what?"
"I don't know."
He gave her a funny look.

It was as if her love had become staid instead of steadfast; the sense of wonder had turned quickly into familiarity, and whilst comfort was good, it wasn't the only thing that mattered to her. Who read newspapers anyway?

So when flowers turned up at her office the next Monday, her heart pounded and fluttered at the same time. The card read "From Your Admirer" and she wasn't sure if that were a good thing or a bad thing. She was sure he'd have put his name if he'd been the one to send them - he wasn't a particularly romantic guy and she was okay with that - but she couldn't think who else would send her flowers for no good reason. It made her feel a little guilty. She decided not to tell him about them.

When a box of her favourite brand of chocolates turned up the next week with the words "Hey, say something" written on a card, she smiled all day. He'd once greeted her with those words for a whole month.

"Did you send them?" she asked him later that day.
"The flowers and the chocolates."
He frowned a little.
"I know it's you."
"What if it's not?"
She hesitated. "Then..."
He turned away.

Fear gripped her heart. Was she losing him? But why should it be her fault if it was someone else who was pursuing her?

She steadied herself. "Then they don't matter. Because I've chosen you."


Based on/inspired by Monday's post.

Which is weird, I suppose because the song is talking about a love that is wild, free, deep and overflowing, but I started off from the other tangent.

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  1. Awww... It is him! What a lovely story with a great finish.