Monday 14 September 2015

#musicmonday: Waterfall by Chris Tomlin

The only things I have been listening to the past week is Chris Tomlin's Love Ran Red in my car and Jon Thurlow. As Jon Thurlow's sets (especially the one I've been listening to) often run over an hour, Chris Tomlin makes it to the blog.

Check back on Friday for a Friday Flash! (Assuming I am on time this week. Sorry!)


Also, I will be taking down my flash fiction collection, Stories from A Place to Call Home, from Smashwords, so if you want to grab a copy of it, you should do that before the end of this month.

I put up this collection in September 2012 and over the span of 3 years, it has been downloaded 806 times, which is pretty good for a tiny e-book which I hardly ever promoted. Being free probably helped.
It's had a good run, but at this point of time it's not quite representative of the stuff I'm working on (which is fairy tales and fantasy), so it's time to say goodbye.

I'm working on other stuff to put up so do look out for that!

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