Thursday 11 January 2018

#bookreview: Scarlet Moon | SD Grimm

Scarlet Moon (Children of the Blood Moon, #1)Scarlet Moon by S.D. Grimm
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Grimm throws you right into the action in Scarlet Moon, an action-packed story of love, heroism and revenge.

Love, because the overarching theme of this book seems to be that Love conquers all, especially Fear and Evil. She does have that little love triangle thing going on, but it's not so much a plot as a distraction. But Love here, in the more agape than eros kind, takes front stage centre, and makes every one do stupid things. Ryan, for instance, has to choose between his desire to protect his family or his beloved. Logan cannot face or confront his absconded wife. Ethan will protect Jayden at all costs. And Jayden, poor, stupid, heroic, annoying Jayden (I love her but boy, does she need a slap upside the head), is set on running away from everyone who would protect her because she loves them too much. Or running to put herself between them and danger even when she cannot do anything to save them (and actually, if she ran away, they could sort of save themselves?).

Which brings me to heroism. There's noble heroics (see: Ethan), there's reluctant heroics (see: Logan), and there is STUPID HEROICS (see: Jayden). I don't really know where Ryan fits in this. Maybe brave heroics? He's fighting to stay alive for at least half of this story, though he does get some heroic action towards the end. Anyway, Jayden is one of the prophesied Deliverers but she is inclined to stupid, short-sighted heroics where she frequently messes up escape plans because of her inability to actually run away when she needs to. I know, I know, it adds to the tension and the plot, but you'd think she'd learn after the second time or so. (But NOOOO she can't run because Ethan/Ryan might die and no one can die except her. Except if she does, the prophecy fails and EVERY ONE DIES. Right.)

Then there is revenge. Personal vendettas break from their confines every once in a while, with all the lovely tragic backstories making their appearances (sorry, I'm a sucker for tragic heroes), and whilst some of these get pushed aside momentarily to deal with current circumstances, you just know it's going to rear its head sometime in the future. Or in other (shorter) words, several characters have difficulty staying on course because they have a thirst for revenge.

AT ANY RATE. Scarlet Moon is a thrilling read for fantasy lovers.

Note: I received a free copy of this book via Unicorn Questor for an upcoming blog tour. I was given the book with no expectation of a positive review and the review is my own.

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  1. This is such a great review, Anna! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on Amber Eyes!