Tuesday 6 September 2011

Review: A to Z Stories of Life and Death (goodreads crosspost)

A to Z Stories of Life and DeathA to Z Stories of Life and Death by D. Biswas

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Birthed out of a month-long blogfest, D. Biswas’ A to Z Stories of Life and Death presents 26 short stories organised according to the letters in the alphabet. Beginning with the innocence and wonder of a child finding snails in her Aquarium and ending with a fiery funeral pyre in Zone, the stories run the gamut from love, murder, sex, abuse, addiction, myth, sickness and mourning - all revolving around the issues of life and death. 

Majority of the stories are very poignant vignettes focusing on slices of life, with several longer flash fiction in between. Reading them makes you feel as if you are collecting memories from various sources and trying them on for size. Each story has its own personal twist - the endings are never quite what you expect - and most would leave you with a tear in your eye.

What I like about Biswas’ writing is the descriptive way she writes, which helps put you right in the middle of the scene. She is very good at invoking emotions and making you feel the story without a sense of detachment.

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  1. Does she write all of the stories or are they by different authors?

  2. @Stu - during the A-Z challenge? That was how I met her!

    @Nina - she wrote all the stories.

    @Elana - you should pick it up! :)

  3. Wow, sounds intriguing! I'm a fellow campaigner in the christian articles group stopping by to become a new follower and say hello.

  4. I enjoyed reading Damyanti's stories during the Challenge.

  5. I didn't know you had reviewed me on your blog! *knocks herself on head*

    Thanks! :)

  6. @Damyanti.

    Haha. I thought since I already wrote the review on goodreads, why not just link it over? Just cut and paste some html... ;)