Saturday 23 June 2012

Indicinelive IV - is nothing sacred?

Step aside SNL, Little Britain and MADtv: The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre’s sought-after sketch-comedy revue returns this year with its biggest and boldest installment to date! Premiering in 2010, INDICINELIVE! (in-dee-SEE-nee-live-!) satirizes the insane society we live in through a high-octane line-up of every-day characters, familiar situations, and parodies of songs we’ve heard and are all too familiar with. INDICINELIVE! is, essentially, a generous serving of how we see the world in fun-sized pieces – nothing quite like laughing at ourselves at the end of the day.

I didn't really intend to see this but went along when a friend of mine asked. I'm sorry if I'm a boring, prudish little bookworm, but I'm not really into comedy, especially crude comedy.
With the "mature audiences" warning, (emphasised over twitter a few times by Alvin) I kind of suspected what type of sketches would be staged but I guess I didn't expect some to be, well, simply put, that crude. Or maybe with my writer's mind I needed some point to be behind the crudity. Well, some did. But it was a little too much over the top.

That aside, the pieces I enjoyed were brilliant pieces of satire, touching on subjects like the NFC scandal, our First Lady, that girl - whats-her-name - about the towing of the cars in Penang, that wives club thing, the ballet ban fiasco - you get the drift. They weave seamlessly from scene to scene, as well as from language to language. Really, talking about that, the staging is brilliant. Props are minimal, mostly making use of wooden blocks, chairs and video/media. The cast are in and out of the stage within seconds, with restaging done in those short moments just by rearranging the blocks. The cast themselves are solid, give and take a few flat notes in some of the songs.

This is definitely NOT the show to watch if you still have sensitivities intact.

Details on the remaining shows at PenangPAC (until Sunday) on facebook here.
Extremely detailed review online here, in case you really need to know what you're getting into. 

Oh yes, no mikes were used in Stage 2 of PenangPAC, so you might want to get there early and grab a front seat (it's free seating) because whilst they're pretty clear when they speak/act, not all of them have strong singing voices.


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