Friday 29 January 2016

#fridayflash: Bunny Ring

It was the bunny ring on the middle finger of her left hand that caught his attention.

"Your boyfriend proposed to you with that?" He couldn't help laughing as he asked the question.

She looked up from her writing. "Who?"

He gestured helplessly at her hand. "The ring. Did your boyfriend propose to you with that ring? It's awesome."

She looked down at her hand with a confused frown, her eyebrows beetling together. Suddenly they - her eyebrows - seemed to jump up in startlement, or at least in mock clarity. "This thing, you mean?" she asked, pulling the ring off and offering it to him.

"Yeah, that one." He picked it up and turned it over, inspecting it from various angles.

"I bought that for myself. Birthday present. Um. Yeah. Thought it was cute."

He handed the ring back to her and then held out his hand. "Jake, by the way."

"Oh. Great." She shook it and blinked. "Meg."

She was still looking at him five seconds later, so he ventured a question. "What are you writing?"

"Oh." She looked down at her notebook and blushed. "Um. A novel."

"Great. I... I guess I shouldn't disturb you then. Good luck."

"Thanks. Uh, nice to meet you, I guess." She watched as he picked up his cup and walked out the door. Then she bent her head again and continued writing. It was only twenty minutes later when she closed her notebook that she saw the tissue paper with a sketch of a bunny and a number on it.

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