Sunday 10 September 2006


What have you given up?
How much more of the past do you need to let go of?
How much more of the present do you need to relinquish your grasp on?
How much more of the future do you need to open up to God's guiding hand?

Is living a long life enough? Or is living a full life your goal?
To live a life of conviction needs more than your words and actions. It requires a focused faith, a dedicated mind, a purposeful obedience.

To learn to give your life - your heart, mind, soul and strength - to Him requires more than you can imagine.
Do you imagine that you are ready to offer Him continual sacrifices each day of your life? If you do, think again - you have a much longer and more ardous road to travel than plagues your nightmares.

And yet...
Dear God,
You alone know my heart. You alone know my dreams. You alone know my soul, inside out. To say that I know myself would be lie. I don't know why I do the things I do, I don't know why I think the way that I do, but You do. You do because You created me.
Your work is exquisite, and You have been telling me over and over again that I am beautiful, because You created me and have called me beautiful. Sometimes it's hard to believe, but then You just do something so awesome within me and without, that I start believing it.
You gave Your life for me, and to worship You would require all that I am. I don't know if I'm ready to give it, I don't know if I am capable of giving it, but what I know is that I am willing to give it. I don't know how, I don't know when.
For now, I'll wait.
There are so many things You're starting in me and through me, and I'm beginning to get overwhelmed. But I'm getting there. It's little steps at a time, and I believe Your hand is in it, and on it, and around it and throught it, and just permeating every bit of it.
So I'll wait here, and rest here, even as I gear up to all that You would have me do, knowing that You will not require of me more than I am capable of giving at each step.
Thank You, Lord.
You're more than enough for me.
In Your precious name,

*biggie smiles*

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