Saturday 24 March 2012

Dead man's cell phone - WATCH IT NOW!

I've been a pretty bad blogger this past week, and this is also going to be a quickie. 1. YOU MUST WATCH DEAD MAN'S CELL PHONE. There are only three more runs of this in Penang - Saturday 3pm and 8.30pm and Sunday 3pm. The script is by Sarah Ruhl (you can google it) and it features a very solid cast (Alexis Wong, Sandee Chew, Alvin Looi, Payal Vashist, Amir Yunos, Anrie Too). And they are awesome. It's a 90 minute show, no intermission, so if you're late you'll miss quite a lot. DON'T be Malaysian for this one. Tickets are RM33. Details here. 2. THE HUNGER GAMES *squeal!* Nuff said. :) More when I have time. Or when I can actually sit down without thinking about what I need to do next or where I'm supposed to be. Dance practice at 9.30am tomorrow. Urgh.

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