Sunday 25 March 2012


and where does your heart lie
that it flies and flutters and wheels around
heading nowhere, somewhere, anywhere
and all you are
is not all you wish to be
and everything
is out of your reach

but You lived with the end in mind, that on this
broken earth, broken people will destroy You
and You live, knowing that all You are, all You were
will end in one night because of this brokenness

and Your heart breaks because You know there
is no other way, the ransom must be paid
the captives, unworthy as they are, must be free
so You pray, on Your knees, on Your face

willing and hoping that there was another way
but knowing You will do it because love binds You
and justice demands it of You and this is all
and always, Your will be done, is done. It is finished.

how do you deal with death?
it has been six years since you've gone
but I remember, because you live in the digital
and memory
the words
call out
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Life's brief candle, go out it must
It wasn't you sitting in that wooden box
I couldn't see your smile that rocks
Without your laugh, your flesh is false
No, oh no, you're somewhere else
I guess I'm glad you found your rest
Though it's hard to say that God knows best
but why recall 
you now
except that death
is on my mind

life is beautiful


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