Wednesday 14 November 2012

Happy holiday to you too

Tomorrow's to-do list, because I am too tired and lazy to do anything today, though I really hoped to.

  • Prep songs for this weekend done 4:30pm, 15/11
  • Finalise song/script for Christmas
  • Clear up my desk (note: desk. not room)  done 10:25pm, 15/11
  • Watch Coursera videos done 10:30pm, 15/11
  • Do Coursera quiz done 11,45pm, 15/11
  • OK account for Shin Hooi
  • Update consolidation worksheets for current job
  • Write another 2K words to hit 30K done 6.30pm, 15/11
I am nothing but ambitious.
And to think, tomorrow is supposed to be a holiday.

Right now, I'm going to curl up in bed with Oedipus Rex and Bacchae.

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