Tuesday 6 November 2012

#nanowrimo update 2... Day, well, it's sort of 6.


I write like
Dan Brown
I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. Well, that's what it says about my current nanowrimo novel. I should try some other stuff and see if it changes, because apparently it does.

At any rate, this is a belated update on the progress of my novel. I was on target for the first couple of days but slacked on Saturday because I was out most of the day (impromptu breakfast, Christmas practice/meeting, church, friend's grandma's wake). I figured I would be able to catch up on Sunday, but I had a craving for Nando's which landed me circling Gurney Plaza's parking lot for almost 45 minutes, to which I figured next time I want to eat Nando's, I'll go straight to Queensbay or Autocity as it seems that the length of time it takes for me to drive there and park is about the same as the time it takes for me to park in Gurney... so that was almost an hour of writing time lost and then I was feeling under the weather at night, so I decided to curl up on my bed and read instead.
But several writing sprints with the Nanowrimo group on Facebook this (very early) morning fixed that and I'm caught up to last night's word count.
Which is why I am going to be now, so that tonight I'll be chipper enough to write another 1,667 words to keep up the pace. :)

I hope I'm not confusing you. I'm not quite lucid at the moment.

Yiel stared unseeingly at the unwithering lavender fields that surrounded the Charoite Castle. It had been a long time since he had appreciated the beauty of the flowers in full bloom. The brief stop on Earth through the Orb had made him realise one thing: he hadn't lost his sense of smell yet - he had merely been desensitized to the fragrance of lavender after nearly nine hundred years of living in Charoite. Too much of a good thing... was rarely ever good, such as his extremely long span of life.
When he reached his thousandth birthday almost two hundred years ago, he had become keenly aware that there were no eligible Purples to take over his mantle. Since then, he had been scouring both Lazuli and Amezine for someone strong enough to train, but there had been none. The Book had told him to wait and be patient, but he couldn't help worrying. What if none came in time? How then would he pass on his mantle? He didn't want a repeat of the Unmentionables Uprising. That had caused Kayner almost irreparable damage, most of it to the beautifully delicate Pieterose. He was nearing one thousand one hundred and ninety years of age, longer than any other Authoruss on record. It was not something he told every passerby, though it would go on record and be released after his death. He felt extremely tired.
That trip to earth, though. Something had happened there. The Book hadn't revealed it to him, but he had felt a change in him. A face had flashed in front of his mind, there had been a quick scuffle, and then the Orb had brought him back to Charoite again feeling lighter than before. He did not understand this lightness. He hadn't been light in a long time.
"What are you pondering?" Erel asked, coming up behind him and massaging his shoulders.
"That face. The one I saw. I wonder who he is."
"Didn't the Book tell you?"
"No. It has been silent about him."
"We just have to wait then," Erel said, sitting down beside Yiel.
Yiel turned to his old friend and partner. Erel's face, young and pretty when they had first met was now deeply lined, but still as hairless and smooth as ever. His long black tresses were now peppered with white, unlike Yiel's own hair which had turned gold on his nine hundredth birthday.
"I can never tire of this," Erel said as he stroked Yiel's gold hair. "Don't you wish we could go on forever?"
"All things must come to an end," Yiel said sombrely.
"I'm not quite ready to move on."
"I don't think I am, quite. But what has to happen will happen."
"We should have at least another hundred years, Yi. That's how long it will take to train up the new Authoruss, assuming he is already here."
"He is. I can feel him. I feel something drawing away my strength."
"Are you sure it is him and not... not some other being?"
Yiel shook his head. "I can't know. I just know that it will not be another hundred years. We must hurry."


Oh yes, on other fronts, I may possibly be doing a play next May. Lol.
I've just been reading the script, and whilst it's not brilliant dialogue, it's funny enough.
The two things I'm worried about in actually doing it is that:
1) I will need to sing at least one song in Mandarin
2) The rest of the cast are in Australia so actual physical practices will only be in May itself. I don't know how the rest will work. Skype was mentioned.


  1. I tried the analyser out with different sections from some of my previous NaNo efforts (and my current one) and got four different answers, so it certainly changes a bit!

    Dan Brown means short sentences and readability, though, doesn't it, so it can't be bad.

    1. Haha... that sounds pretty encouraging.
      I didn't think much of Dan Brown's writing when I read it... but I guess you could say it IS very readable.

  2. Oh the gay-ness!!
    *swooning with delight*