Wednesday 16 October 2013

#bookreview: The Adventure of Creation (anthology)

Honestly, I nearly passed up the chance to review this book. When Katharina Gerlach sent out the email from Independent Bookworm looking for reviewers, I kind of thought maybe, maybe not. I've read some of Kat's stuff before - Urchin King was one I reviewed previously - and it wasn't very high on my YES I MUST READ IT list.

But anyway, I've heard some stuff about Holly Lisle's writing classes on the interwebs (though I passed up a chance to get one of her novels cheap at the Big Bad Wolf sale) and thought - why not give it a go?

I'm glad I did.

The Adventure of Creation (Think Sideways Writers Anthology #1)The Adventure of Creation by Holly Lisle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Taking you on a wild romp through the imagination, The Adventure of Creation features 35 short stories written by students of Holly Lisle's How To Think Sideways course.

Whilst every story is centred around the theme of creation, there's no one specific genre being featured. Fantasy worlds, magical kingdoms and fairy tales nestle side by side with science fiction, realism and slice-of-life pieces. Love stories and tragedies make you tear up even whilst others tell of things that make you cringe.

The stories in the anthology are so good that there's only one which I didn't really quite like (I'm not telling which).

I think my favourite would be the one which won second place (and ends the anthology) - The Definition of a Super Hero. Other stories that I especially liked (in no particular order) are: A Splash of Art, The Forest King, Tortellini, Restoration, Spoilers, After the Fire and Hedda of the Upworld. (In which you can tell my reading bias. Oh well)

I'd recommend this for:
1) anyone looking for quick, great reads
2) people who want to try out new genres but don't want a whole novel
3) parents who want their kids to start reading something, anything, just read

I received this review copy from Independent Bookworm in exchange for an honest review.

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