Thursday 17 October 2013

Help, I don't have a blog name!

Okay - this is coming really really really belatedly, but I kind of just realised that I don't have a blog name anymore.

I used to. The header used to say "Deeply Shallow", which was what I had once titled my blog.

Until I created my webpage, and synchronised a fancy new cover picture... and thereby deleted any blog name I had. 


Rather than just being "Anna's blog" or "ATSP", what should I name my blog? Should I:

a) use back the old name - Deeply Shallow
b) use a new name (see below)
c) not name it at all

I did try to think up some fancy schmancy names - 

a) the noisy mouse
b) inscribed logorrhea (this was my old tabulas blog name)
c) extroverted introversion

I dunno. I just dunno.

Help, anyone?


  1. How about something more like..."Anna and the King".. haha ^.^
    God is King.

    1. Haha.. isn't that like... overused?

      But then it would be very searchable...

  2. I thought it was still called Deeply Shallow because that's the name I see on the tab at the top of the page! I think it would be nice to have a title that includes your name...

    1. Oh! Now I see it... I never noticed it before :_

      I was just looking at my picture heading. hrm...