Monday 3 February 2014

I'm an #atozchallenge minion!

I use Grammarly to correct grammar online because the Nazi in me admits it sometimes needs help.

Okay, so I've been participating in the A to Z challenge for 3 years now and this fourth year, the lovely Damyanti, who co-hosts the challenge, has graciously picked me to be a minion!!

I hope I'm a good minion and not explode in the middle and turn out like this guy:

A to Z Challenge!

Basically... you write 26 blog posts in April, every day except on Sundays. Well, you can still post on Sundays if you want to, but it won't be part of the series. Each post starts with a letter of the alphabet, i.e. A on April 1, B on April 2, C on April 3 and so on.

Your posts can be on ANYTHING. It doesn't even need to be WRITTEN. It could be pictures, if that's what you like.

In 2011, I wrote a novelette of approximately 13,000 words just by writing a 500-word chapter each day.
In 2012, I wrote 26 separate flash fiction pieces of about 500 words each.
In 2013, I attempted to write 26 flash fiction pieces as well, but I hit a hard time at work and managed only about half.

This year... I don't know what I'm doing yet.
Flash fiction's the easiest choice.

But maybe I could try something different this year.

Any suggestions?


  1. Great to meet you, Anna, and looking forward to co-minion-ing with you :D Love your blog!

    1. Hi Guilie!

      Great to meet you too.
      Here's to a great minion-ship! :P

  2. Hi Anna, I recently signed up to post as a participant and think your post is interesting as it helped me to understand a little more about the things I can write. The A-to-Z Challenge is somethings I'm really looking forward to it, and maybe will become a minion like you another time.

    1. Hi Michelle, glad you decided to sign up! I assure you it will be a blast. :)

  3. Way to go, Anna. Being a Challenge host is a LOT of work. Since I did it they added Minions. Such a good idea!

    1. Thanks Karen... I'm looking forward to it.

  4. Good luck! I've never been quite brave enough to sign up.

    1. Thanks Tara!
      I think you should give it a go this year :D
      You still have plenty of time to start planning your posts (or pre-writing them)

  5. Congrats on achieving minionhoood. It's a status worth celebrating! It's very nice to meet you!
    My advice, as a fourth year participant and 3rd year co-host is don't worry about the theme too overly much. I'm certainly in the camp of have one, because I've tried it without, but I do believe the right one will come at the right time.

    Tina @ Life is Good
    A to Z Team @ Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2014
    @TinaLifeisGood, #atozchallenge

    1. Thanks Tina!
      I've had one before, and then I didn't have one.. and I think having one does help. Have an inkling of it already so I think I'm set to go! :)

  6. Hi Anna
    Good to know that you are in the team of Daya
    Great team, Last year i had the opportunity to be with Tina the terrific
    Have a wonderful time of blogging as well as minion job LOL

    1. Hi Phil!

      Thanks... I'm having a whale of a time...

      Hope you have a good time blogging this year!

  7. I have to admit, I love Despicable Me. Both of them. I'm happy to be a fellow minion =)

    AJ's wHooligan in the A-Z Challenge

    1. Hi Elsie!
      Glad to meet a fellow minion!