Wednesday 7 May 2014

#bookreview: Stolen Woman by Kimberly Rae

Stolen Woman: What Would You Risk to Rescue a Trafficked Friend? (Stolen #1)Stolen Woman: What Would You Risk to Rescue a Trafficked Friend? by Kimberly Rae
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Kimberly Rae tells an interesting story of Asha, who was adopted as a baby by American parents, and how she makes a faith-filled trip to volunteer at an orphanage in India, the home of her birth. Part of her mission is to find out more about her heritage, the other is to discover if God wants her to be a missionary.
There, she meets Mark Stephens, a third-generation missionary, and Rani, a girl who has been tricked into prostitution. Asha has to decide if she will obey the mission's directive not to get involved and to stop trying to help Rani, or to follow her heart, which tells her she must do something, even if she doesn't know what.

In a way I could identify with the frustration Asha felt when she was told to stop helping Rani, and yet at the same time, I also identified with the frustration that Mark had in getting this stupid bull-headed American to stop trying to think she knows better than the 'locals'. (I still think they should have told her what they were doing from the beginning, but then again, this is just a story. ha) Maybe this stems from the fact that, while I'm not involved in anything as dangerous as human trafficking, I have seen and heard enough well-intentioned but badly carried out forms of "evangelism" and "trying to help" which, coupled with the fact that some missionaries do not understand cultural differences (and sometimes don't try to), ends up in either making things really confused, or even turning people off from the gospel.

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