Wednesday 7 May 2014

Post #atozchallenge reflections

I'd wanted to do this reflection post earlier (like say Monday) but life got in the way, the same way it's been doing all through April.

My goals for the challenge, other than finishing the challenge, was to visit and comment more on other participants' blogs. So how did I do?

I finished the challenge.
Yay! Though I "cheated" a little bit - I wrote some of the Friday and Saturday posts really late... as in... I posted Friday's post on Saturday (hey, it was still Friday in the US) and the Saturday post on Sunday. But... well, I did it. So now I have a brand new fairy tale!

I visited a lot of blogs.
Okay, mainly because I had to, being part of #teamdamyanti. I could have done a better job of it by visiting more often, instead of when Damyanti was asking for reports (heh heh) but... well... I was busy and tired.

I lagged a little on commenting.
One thing about April was that I was out most nights, so when I visited blogs during lunch time in the office, or after office hours, I couldn't leave comments for all of the Wordpress sites. So I ended up commenting only on blogger blogs or those which weren't Wordpress based.

So overall... I'd say that this year's A to Z challenge was pretty successful for me - though not as much as I'd hoped for.

Well, there's still the road trip to consider...


P/S in other happy news, Love in Penang has gone for its 3rd reprint! :D

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  1. You had a great story. There were a few times I wish I had visited more, but the challenge was a success for me too. =)

    1. Thanks Patricia! And congrats on finishing!

  2. Loved your fiction throughout, Anna, and you did a good job on the reports!

    Yes, see you on the road trip!

    1. Thanks Damyanti...
      See you round *cracks knuckles*

  3. I read your entire AtoZ - it's been a long time since I last touched a book (other than cooking ones). You've ignited something in me. I recently finished a Barbara !!!!

    1. Yay Sharon!
      Haha... thank you for being a faithful follower :D

  4. The Road Trip is like a second chance. I think a lot of us didn't visit and comment as much as we would have liked, especially in the second half of the Challenge. But we all have our lives and blogging is just a part of it for most of us.

    Congratulations on your accomplishments and thanks for your help in the Challenge.

    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  5. I came to a similar conclusion. Well done for finishing! ~Miriam

  6. Congratulations on completing the challenge.

    Like you, I didn't get to comment (or visit) quite as much as I'd have liked to, so I'm making up for it by visiting every blog on the Reflections list and then I'm jumping into the Road Trip. ;-)