Friday 16 May 2014

#fridayflash: placeholder

Are you living a placeholder life?
Carrie stared at the screen, the words seeming to grow bigger the more she contemplated them. She wasn't sure what they were supposed to mean. It was if someone had planted the thought into her subconscious and they had flowed through her fingers onto the e-mail that she was writing. She deleted the line and continued her letter.
At any rate, Michael won't be back until the 21st, so maybe we could catch up some time before then. I feel so awkwardly free when he's not around!
Everyone else is achieving their dreams while you're stuck in a rut.
She frowned as she re-read that last line. Where had that come from? She deleted it.
Funny thing happened today. So I was looking for new music to listen to and a friend recommended a list of them, ending by saying "This will destroy you." I was like, what? Why will I be destroyed by listening to your music? Apparently it's the name of a band. Ridiculous, right?
Don't you think it's time you did something?
"This is crazy," Carried said to the empty room.
Go on. Take the plunge. You know you're sick of your boring life.
She stared at the blinking cursor as it paused and then moved on its own.
Live your real life. Stop being filler. You know you want to. 


I was thinking of placeholders, for no apparent reason.
Actually, this piece feels a little creepy. Hmm.


I'm researching emo instrumental music for background music for an emo monologue sequence. Ha. Post-rock is kind of cool.

Mono's Hymn to an Immortal Wind has been writing music for quite a few writing projects, notably A Place To Call Home.


  1. Great flash fiction.

  2. Yeah it is creepy. What or who is doing the typing? Some outside entity, her subconscious, the computer itself or someone who has hacked into her computer somehow...interesting concept.

    1. I don't know.... I'm not sure I want to find out!