Sunday 20 July 2014

I don't suppose I'll be on hiatus, but we'll see

Hello from San Jose!

I haven't decided if I'm going to blog more or blog less. I suppose it depends on my mood at night and whether I'm rushing (or not) to complete anything.

Or if I'm lazy.

I owe my editor stuff.
I owe my pastor stuff.
AND I haven't written a few e-mails I was supposed to write.


And I started a few draft blogs here as well as one on medium.

And I'm supposed to finish that script for Christmas as part of my Camp Nanowrimo challenge (20K words in July)... and I am still at the grand word count of.... ZERO!

*GO ME!*
*waves pompoms*


  1. And come the eleventh hour, you'll have it all done so go enjoy some freedom!

    By the way, I've moved blog and hope to see you there :) I now have follow buttons on my new site - hoorah - and you can now add me to your reader. My RSS feed -
    Thanks :)

  2. Well, whatever you decide, I look forward to reading your posts when they happen.