Friday 27 March 2015

#poetry: Eden

Death came into the garden
Early in the ancient story of Earth
With the solemn understanding
That knowledge, the wisdom of the world,
Would bring eventual
    permanent death

Juxtaposed beside the tree of Life
The eternal connection to
The Uncreated One, like a permanent
    Tether to the internet -
Full of wisdom, beauty, perfection,
    Accessible - at no cost.

Until death came and demanded his due
Because Adam, wise in his own eyes,
Headstrong in his wife's love

Then death
Stalked us in the hallways
Grieved us in the hollowness of our hearts
Beckoning, always beckoning.

So we waited for the second Adam,
For the second chance at life
For the crushing of the serpent
That death defeated did not bring instant relief

So we wait still for the second Eden
Because the Earth still groans
Still waits
For the fulfillment
Of time.

And God waits.
With us.

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