Friday 6 March 2015

Winter bloom

Winter has broken, he declares.
She stares out at the naked trees. It's still chilly.
But it has broken. He's there behind her suddenly, his hands warm against the small of her back. The darkness has lifted.
She turns and looks into his eyes, searching his with her own. Has it?
He smiles, then cocks his head to the left. You've said your goodbyes. Why?
It felt right. 
It is.
But now? Or when?
In the fullness of time.
She rests her hand in his. Hesitates. And the other?
You trust me in this?
I need to. She smiles. I've always needed to, haven't I?
In time, beloved. All in its time.
Will he pursue? Is it -
He holds a finger to her lips. Trust me.



Like a flower in bloom
Pushing through the winter
To face a new spring

So the seasons come and go
And you are released
To something new again

Break the bands of fear
That enclose your heart in steel
Release your hold on fear
As at My feet you kneel
And I speak freedom over you
I speak release into your life
The long night has passed
Come; bloom with the sunrise