Wednesday 17 June 2015

#bookreview: Grace by Morris Gleitzman

GraceGrace by Morris Gleitzman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mookie once asked me if there were books or movies that made me cry.
I have to admit to tearing up once or twice for this one.

Written in a somewhat awkward childish parody of the Bible, Grace tells her story of how her father got expelled from the "church" mainly because of her. "Church" because this is obviously a very small, secret, cult, which believes in very weird stuff. Why was he expelled? Because he asked too many questions, and obviously led her astray because she asked questions, talked to Outsiders, and couldn't ever keep her hair in a neat bun (amongst other things).

It tells a common story of abuse and manipulation, and how some religious authorities stay in power by fear, threats and lies. And how difficult it is to get out - or admit that you want to get out - because of the brainwashing, and also because it's difficult to be cut adrift from everything you know and have grown up with. And you always hope that things will get better.

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