Monday 22 June 2015

#MusicMonday: Long Way Home by Bebo Norman

So I will, I will not give up this fight
I will not lay down and die
I will not carry this heart of stone
I may not be your place to run
I may not be your kingdom come
I may stumble through this great unknown
But I will be all that is true
I will not give up on you
I was made to be with you alone
'Cause you and me, we get to see
The long way home


I've been on a bit of a nostalgia trip ever since I drove down to KL for the book launch. I dug up the old CD bags and put them in the car for the trip, and I've been listening to Bebo Norman since Monday! It's been years.

(And funnily enough, I remember most of the lyrics, and the harmonies. Because I sing too much in the car.)

I also like this song because of how unromantically romantic it is.

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