Wednesday 14 October 2015

#bookreview: Fly Trap by Frances Hardinge

Fly Trap (Fly By Night, #2)Fly Trap by Frances Hardinge
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mosca Mye, a sharp-eyed, sharp-tongued orphan born under inauspicious stars, is trying her best to survive. Saracen, her pet goose, doesn't really help because he spends most of the time destroying things and therefore incurring more debt. Their companion, the con man Eponymous Clent, does his best to help, but isn't in a good position himself.

In the odd town of Toll, Mosca and Eponymous somehow find themselves embroiled in a plot to kidnap the Mayor's daughter and must find a way to save her before the very tight deadline of the night of Yacobray. But Toll by Day and Toll by Night are very different entities, and when they find themselves in the in-between they are exposed to danger of the greatest kind.

Fly Trap is a mix of funny moments, witty lines, and dark fears. It's a jumble of the intelligence and stupidity of youth, and the careful wariness of experience. It is the kind of book you stumble upon and wonder why you hadn't heard about earlier.

I haven't read book 1, but I can tell you that you won't get lost in the story by not knowing what happened then. Sure, there are allusions to it, and you do start to wonder what really happened, but it's not like there are any gaps in this story that needs to be filled in by the previous one. Though I will start to look out for it so that I can find out what happened in Mandelion. (It sounds exciting).

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