Monday 28 December 2015

Lazy pasta for lazy people

I'm only writing this post because I just made pasta for dinner, being too incredibly lazy to go out and find something to eat, and because I remembered that someone once told me (when I told him/her - I forget who) that this would be an invaluable resource for lazy people worldwide!

Well, I can only hope.
(Also, I am totally procrastinating.)

Well, the only things you absolutely need to make lazy pasta are:
1) a microwave,
2) an electric kettle,
3) a microwaveable bowl,
4) quick-cook pasta and
5) pre-made pasta sauce.
Well, and utensils to eat with, of course. Optional things which are nice to have would probably be meatballs. And maybe cheese. Tabasco sauce and/or cut chillies are also good if you like it hot.

Obviously, microwaves, electric kettles and microwaveable bowls are things which lazy people would already have in their homes (I assume), because they just make life much simpler. The thing to remember here is to buy quick-cook pasta (those which say "cooks within 2 minutes" or something like that on the packaging) and premade pasta sauce (in cans or bottles, brand/flavour of your choice) and stock them up in your pantry. Frozen meatballs are a fuss-free addition, especially since you don't actually have to defrost them like you would if you bought actual minced meat.

ANYWAY, how to make lazy pasta in 7 steps:

1. Boil water in the kettle. (Go read something while the water is boiling)

2. Pour boiled water into the microwaveable bowl. Add pasta (as much as you want to eat). If you're using spaghetti or something long, break it in half so it fits in the bowl, and so it cooks much faster.
Optional: put in a pinch of salt.
Side note: don't fill the bowl to the brim. Keep it at about half of the bowl so you can safely go do something else, like read, while it's boiling. Otherwise, you'd just have to keep checking to see if it boils over and that is such a bother.

2a. Add frozen meatballs. Totally optional. You don't need to defrost them. Just pop them straight from the freezer into the bowl of hot water.

3. Microwave said bowl of pasta for 2-3 minutes or however long it stated on the packet that it cooks within. Which is why I said buy quick-cook pasta because normal ones take something like 10-15 minutes.

4. Stir, and pour out water into the sink. Try not to pour out your pasta along with it. If you have a colander you would like to wash later in the day, use that. If you added meatballs, now would be a good time to poke them to make sure your fork goes through (i.e. it's cooked).

5. Add pasta sauce. Also add tabasco or cut chillies or cheese (to taste, if you have any in your house).

6. Microwave for about 2 minutes. It would be advisable here to cover the bowl to prevent splatter. Because splatter is annoying to clean up.

7. Stir and eat.

At the end of all of this, you would have realised two things:
1. You "cooked" pasta in less than 10 minutes.
2. You only have 1 bowl and your fork and spoon to wash. (Well, unless you used a colander, then you also have a colander to wash.)


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