Wednesday 25 May 2016

#bookreview: Tesla Gate by John D. Mimms

The Tesla GateThe Tesla Gate by John D. Mimms
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

If I had known what this story really was about, I would never have downloaded it for review from Edelweiss.

Some baffling science stuff happens at the beginning of the book - never really explained because protagonist Thomas Pendleton is all broken up about the death of his wife and son [also, there are better ways to start off a book than with a dream sequence, even if it was an "aware" dream sequence, and then going back and forth and being all cagey and strange before telling people, okay they died] - which makes ghosts (or spirits) visible. Okay, the making spirits visible part was evident in the book description, at least, but at any rate, I was expecting a father-son road trip with sci-fi elements of maybe alien-type, strange new tech and happenings encounters, instead of...

Man trying to adjust to living with dead son, going on a very long road trip, skirmishes with notable dead people including Elvis Presley, Albert Einstein and Abraham Lincoln, being chased by the military and finally finding a way of killing himself without being a suicide in order to walk into the Tesla Gate (oh look, the title suddenly makes an appearance!) together with his son so they will never be alone again.

I also possibly did not like it because I hated the writing style. I am not a huge fan of first-person narratives, though I have made exceptions. This is not one of them.

1.2 stars with the additional 0.2 stars because I actually felt invested enough to finish the book, and maybe that little semi-twist near the end with Patrick was slightly gut-wrenching, but most likely because I got a free copy for review purposes so I needed to finish it anyway. I was thinking of pushing it to a two, but nah.

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