Thursday 10 November 2022

14 days to the launch of #AbsolutionNovel!

I'm counting down the days until Absolution drops in your laps (e-readers)! 

While I was hoping for a stress-free, problem-free book launch for once (Amok faced delays because of Covid lockdowns; Hostage Prince was relatively drama-free but also extremely low-key), obviously that's not to be.

The hold-up this time is because, about a year ago, I applied for a literature grant...and we've been in the final stages of signing the agreement for about a month now! At any rate, we're working towards finalising this thing and approving it for print, which means physical paperbacks should probably drop sometime in December...


Ebooks and international paperbacks are releasing on 24 November and in line with that, we're having a book launch tour! 

Go check out these wonderful bloggers, Instagrammers, and YouTubers who've come together to help celebrate the release of Absolution!

24 November

22 November

23 November

24 November

25 November

28 November

29 November

  • Karnival Oren @ Komtar **

30 November

* This is an in-person event as part of the George Town Literary Festival! Check out the festival programme here.

** This is an in-person sales carnival in Komtar. Do swing by if you're in town, where you can check out stuff made and sold by women entrepreneurs in Penang! 

Ready for a great new read??????


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